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The highly qualified and dedicated staff is equipped to teach and enlighten every curious mind out there. To aid the. evaluation of each student, we’ve created the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system. It is an evaluation system that monitors each student’s performance in an ongoing process throughout the year and measured through various parameters ensuring progress of the child
As a school, we encourage full interaction with parents and guardians at all levels on a regular basis to monitor growth of theirs wards. This brings to light the improvement areas of the student and a better understanding of his/her capabilities.
To further help children learn on their own as well, assignments are graded periodically. Frequent tasks at school and home help us grade the level of achievement and progress made by the child
Projects based work is a way to keep students motivated and feel challenged from time to time. This helps them get hands on with the knowledge they learn at school. These projects also help students develop skills that’ll be beneficial in the long run. Some of these skills include decision making, problem solving, investigating and inquiring experimentally.
Overall, the aim is to enable students to think analytically, creatively and solve problems from a very practical perspective. Integration with other subjects gives them a broader context.
Communication (Spoken English) is crucial to success in all walks of life today. That’s why every student is encouraged to develop their skills through number of activities like drama, debates & declamation and public speaking at assemblies every day. We’ve also made it compulsory for students and teachers to speak in English when in campus.